Baghdad squad of Hammurabi started new scouting course titled (Ethutha)

The Baghdad squad of Hammurabi scout of Khoyada started a new scouting course for our people in Baghdad under the title (Ethutha – presence), on Monday, May 10th 2021.

Participants were greeted by Colleague Maryam Youkhanna, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief. Then they were given an overview of the Hammurabi Scout, their activities, the goals of the scout, as well as the teaching of Scout training, while in the presence of colleague Sargis Youkhana, the head of the Baghdad branch of Khoyada.

The first week of the session began on Saturday May 15, 2021, with lectures on the traditions of the formations.

The course also included some scouting exercises.

The Hammurabi Scout is the first scout group of our Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac people to be established after 2003, carrying the slogan, “let us be ready to serve humanity, the nation, and the country.”

Their scout flower is the lily flower with its three purple leaves and yellow edges inside. Inscribed in the center of the leaf is the obelisk of Hammurabi in yellow.

The choice of the name Hammurabi Scout comes from one of the symbols of the ancient civilizations of our nation. The obelisk effectively outlined the first enacted laws in history. Today, it rests in Louvre, France.