Khoyada Baghdad’s Branch Organized a visit among activists to Mar Yousif Cathedral and Mandi of Sabeans

On Monday May 10th, 2021 Khoyada Baghdad branch organized a visit to Mar Yousif Chaldean Catholic Cathedral and Sabean Mandi in Baghdad, Iraq. The visit was led by Khoyada Baghdad branch Sargis Youkhana and a number of activists from different communities in Iraq organized by Khoyada.

Peace, coexistence in the religions and correcting the common misconceptions about the traditions of minorities were discussed. Alrish Ama Sattar Al-Helo, head of Sabean Mandean Sector in Iraq and the world along with pastor Nadhir Dakku of Mar Yousif we’re present at the meeting.

The goal of the activity was to send a message across that “peace brings us together,” in cooperation with the the Iraqi Al-Amal Association and coincided with the International Day of Peaceful Coexistence.