Khoyada’s Meeting With The KRG Youth Council

On Jul 5th 2021, a delegation from the Chaldo Assyrian Students and the Youth Union participated in a meeting with the KRG Youth Council in Erbil.

During the meeting, various topics were discussed, mainly the topic related to youth issues concerning governmental entities.

Following the meeting, the delegates visited the KRG Presidency office and was welcomed by Parliament president, Dr. Ziwar Faieq and Ms. Muna Navi Al-Qahwachi.

The general topics concerning the youth were discussed, including the topic of career opportunities and the effect of social networking.

During the meeting, the topic of the Simele Massacre and the construction of the Martyrs Monument were discussed. At the conclusion of the meeting, an invitation was presented to the delegates to participant in the parliamentary sessions that relate to youth segment.

The Khoyada delegates included secretary Alan Tapsima and deputy secretary Zomaya Adam.