On this day, 25 years ago we remember our khoyada martyrs Peris and Samir

Martyrs Samir Moshe and Peris Merza, lost their lives in defense of Khoyada members during an attack by a number of mercenaries that tried to stop Khoyada’s mission.

We will forever remember our great comrades for their love and sacrifice to our nation. May God Rest Their Souls!

Peris and Samir biography.

Martyr Samir Moshe was born in 1972 in Ankawa, Erbil Governorate. He was a graduate of middle school. He was known for his personality, humanity and his attachment to the cause of the people. He was murdered on 5/12/1996 in Ankawa when he was defending students of Khoyada who were attacked by an outlaw gang.

‎Martyr Peris Mirza was born in Karbash, a village located in the Dinarta region. He was a middle school graduate. He was married and had two children (Atra and Akad). He was assassinated in Ankawa on 05/15/1996 while he was defending the Khoyada members alone against an attack by a gang who were aiming to ruin the activity of Khoyada.