“The Duhok branch of The ChaldoAssyrian Students and Youth Union began a campaign of cleaning and dyeing The Mart Shmouni Church in Kashkawa, Nahla. They also organized a general information debate between the people of Nahla.

khoyada / duhok

The Dohuk branch with its various centers in Duhok, Nahla, and Semel, cleaned and dyed The Mart Shmouni Church in the village of Kashkawa/Nahla.

The work started on Monday 12/8/2019 and ended on Wednesday 14/8/2019. On the first day, they started cleaning and dyeing the Church—and on the second—they dyed and cleaned the hall in which all activities take place.

On the third and last day, Khoyada arranged a general information debate between the people of Nahla and its villages. Many people from the villages of Nahla and the Assyrian Women’s Union attended and participated in the debate.

Towards the end, Khoyada thanked the people of Nahla for showing their great love and respect to our members for completing the project.

A number of Duhok branch members participated in this activity including: Sarmad Benjamin, Ojeen Anderyos, Naramseen Sargon, Peris Yousip, Gewarges Tyador and a number of others from the Duhok, Semel and Nahla centers.”