With the support of USAID, the Hammurabi Scouts hold a scouting course for Yazidi youth in the Nineveh Plain

With the support of USAID, the Hammurabi Scouts of Khoyada launched a scouting course for a group of Yazidi youth. The course started on Tuesday August 27th 2019, in Karanjok. More than 30 Yazidi youths participated in the course, which included exercises such as marching and scouting. The course raised
d awareness in the youth group, familiarizing them with the scouting laws, teaching them order and self-reliance in building the cultural and social identity, and exploring new methods of assistance and cooperation.
At the conclusion of the 10-day course, on September 10th 2019, the members of the Hammurabi Scouts organized a one-day camp in Alqosh. At the start of the camp, the commander of Duhok region, Peris Yousif, welcomed the audience and stood for a minute of silence as sign of respect for the souls of our righteous martyrs. Following this, the scouting certificates were distributed to the participants. The members of Hammurabi Scouts presented two activities, including a display of scouting movements.
The Hammurabi Scouts were founded on October 7 2005, and are the first scout group made up entirely of our people. They bear the slogan “Let us be ready to serve humanity, the homeland and the nation”. Their emblem is a purple Lily with three petals marked with yellow edges, bound together near their bases by the national flag, and inscribed on the middle petal by the upper part of the stele of the code of Hammurabi.